We are a completely domestic company and our offices and server rooms are located in Tampere. The company about 20 years of know-how and experience in hosting services, as well as the most demanding server and other IT solutions. So you can use our service without any worries, your site is in good hands with us!


The Domain247 service is provided by Oy Frak Ltd (Business ID 2597358-9).

Our server rooms meet Viestintävirasto’s definition of important space (48 A / 2003) and have been multiplied in terms of power supply, telecommunications and data security. Our servers are modern, high-performance and under constant 24/7 monitoring to ensure reliability. Our name servers are, of course, duplicated in different geographical locations.

The web hosting environment uses the CloudLinux operating system, which always guarantees sufficient customer resources and a top-quality level of service for each customer. Server resources are always scaled according to the number of customers and we guarantee that your site will always run quickly in our web host. We have enhanced security with Imunify360, which provides advanced firewall protection and effectively prevents various security threats and attacks. We back up all data daily to a separate system where it is stored for 30 days.

We are the official broker for .fi domains. We comply with Finnish law and FICORA’s regulations in brokerage activities, and we fulfill the obligations set for brokerage activities. We always register domains in the customer’s name and give the customer management rights to them.

Domain247 has been awarded the Avainlippu label, which confirms that our service has been produced in Finland and that our degree of domesticity is very high.

Official fi domain broker