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Our web hotels scale according to your needs, from a traditional website to a blog, e-commerce and company management. You get everything conveniently in one package and you don’t pay in vain. You can easily get started and not spend your time thinking about the right choice. We have done it for you. The web host is at your disposal immediately after payment.
The first billing season for web hosting is now at -75% price for new customers a limited time!
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Compare Web hotels

If you do not know how much disk space and other resources you need, select the Starter. You can easily change the package to a bigger need!


99 /month
  • For a blogger, for a hobby or small business owner
  • Disk space 2 GB
  • 100 GB/monthly traffic
  • Performance 1x


73 /month
  • For the blogger, enthusiast or small business owner
  • Disk space 2 GB
  • 100 GB/month traffic
  • Performance 1x


73 /month
  • For a growing website, for additional space needs
  • Disk space 5 GB
  • 100 GB/monthly traffic
  • Performance 1x


45 /month
  • For larger websites, business needs
  • Disk space 10 GB
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Performance 2x


45 /month
  • Online stores and high traffic websites
  • Disk space 25 GB
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Performance 3x
Prices valid for a 12 month billing period. VAT 24% is added to the prices. Discount prices for new customers only.

What kind of use is Web hotel suitable for?

Websites and emails

Our Web hotel acts as the home of your website implemented with any platform. You can access your e-mail with your domain using Webmail or your preferred e-mail program and device.

Scalability of the service


We do not limit the features of your Web hotel like competitors. You have unlimited access to email accounts, and additional domains. In terms of disk space and performance, you can easily switch to a larger package.

Easy to use management

With our dashboard, you can easily manage your own domains, emails, applications, backups, statistics, etc. without being a software professional.

All our Web hotels include

web hotel

Are you familiar with our WordPress web hosting?

If your site is implemented with WordPress, you should also check out our WordPress packages. WordPress web hosts are server-level optimized for WordPress, and your site speeds up significantly.

Frequently asked Questions

A Web hotel is a server space that a customer buys from a service provider. Websites are home for websites, blogs, e-shops and other online software.
If you don’t know how much disk space you need, you can start with a smaller package. It is always easy to change to a larger one. Our service scales according to your needs and we do not limit all features individually.
Yes, otherwise your website will not be found online. When you start ordering a Web hotel, you will first choose whether to register a new domain for the web host. Alternatively, you can use a domain that you already manage.
The Web hotel will be activated and the domain name will be registered automatically immediately after payment. If payment is not made in connection with the order, it will take 1-2 banking days to activate the order.
Our web hosting includes a Softaculous application library, which contains more than 400 programs that you can install with a few clicks, e.g. WordPress, Joomla and Magento.
Yes it works. However, for a WordPress site, we recommend our WordPress Web hotel, which is optimized for WordPress and speeds up your site considerably.
Yes. We do not limit the number of domains in a web host. Note, however, that more sites use more disk space and other resources.
Our server environment is protected by an efficient multi-level system. In addition, all our Web hotels include Imunify360 security at no extra cost. It provides an effective security solution against a variety of security threats.
Web hotels are fully backed up daily and backed up for 14 days. In addition to this, you can make separate backups of your website or database, for example.
Traffic means traffic between your site and visitors to your site. This also includes email traffic.In our largest packages we offer unlimited traffic. If you reach the limit, you can always change your package to a larger one.