Domain is the address of your website where your site is found on the web. The domain also identifies your email address. At Domain247, you can register a domain for yourself or your business. In addition to the Fi domain name, you also get the most common international domain names such as com, net and org from us. Check if the domain you want is available and book it now! If you already have a domain and want to transfer it to our hosting, you can do that too. You can proceed using the buttons below. You can see the price of the domain when you perform a search.


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In order to make a “Coming soon” page for your domain, you can add a tiny web hotel for it. For example our very affordable MINI hotel suits perfectly for that. And when it’s time you can always upgrade the hotel according to your needs.


How do I get a domain?

Registration or transfer


You can reserver a domain for 1-5 years at a time. Registration will be made immediately upon payment. Detailed ordering instructions here. We are the official fi domain broker. In addition, you can also get the most common international domain names through us. You can also transfer a previously registered domain to our service. To do this, you need an intermediary exchange key from your previous service provider.

How to start to use the domain?


All domains include our name servers and DNS management can be found from our Web hotel and Domainpark portfolio. You can add the domain to your new or existing hosting account (hotel/park) and use email addresses that match your domain, either in Webmail or with your preferred email program and device.



With our service, you can easily manage your domains, and we do not limit the number of domains in our Web hotel. You can easily change the domain owner information, name servers, and how the domain is used in your Web hotel (e.g. as an additional or co-domain).

Features of our domain service

Domain price list

The price of domain registration varies depending on the domain extension. You can see the price of the domain when you search for and order the domain. Here are some examples of the most common domain registration prices for new clients: fi 15.00 EUR / year .com 12.00 EUR / year. 15.00 EUR / year .org 15.00 EUR / year.

Frequently asked Questions

We are an official domain broker and you can buy a domain directly. More detailed instructions for ordering here. If the desired domain is free, you can register it. When ordering, you can specify whether the domain name is registered in your or your company’s name.

To transfer, you need an intermediary exchange key from your current service provider. You can get it directly from your customer pages or it must be requested separately. The broker must provide the exchange key 5 business days after your request. You can transfer your domain here or directly with your web hosting order.
You will be notified if the domain cannot be transferred. In this case, you may need to unlock the domain first. For non-fi domains, the transfer usually takes 5-7 days and is separate the transfer confirmation may need to be accepted. You can find more information about domain transfer in our Database.

You can only purchase a domain, but a Web hotel or other hosting service is required for the website / emails. All of our web hosts include DNS management and unlimited email accounts. If the domain is not associated with the Web hotel, it will be left parked. The domain can also be associated with an existing Web hotel.

Fi domain must contain only allowed characters. In addition, the domain name must not infringe on another’s protected name or trademark.

In general, a good domain name is easy to remember, write, and pronounce. It matches your business name or trademark. It is unique and brings out the issue or service in question.

Anyone can register a fi domain name: individual, company, association, foundation, Finnish or foreign. However, the user of the domain is responsible for the legality of the domain he has registered.

A domain is the web address of your website, based on which your site is found on the web. The rest of your email address also consists of the domain.

The Domain Name Service (DNS) connects the domain to the Internet. Network name servers convert a domain name into an IP address that your computer understands. Without the name servers specified for the domain, your site cannot be found.

From a security point of view, each fi domain name should have a geographically distributed name service in use. It is the best protection against denial of service attacks on the name service. In addition, the reliability and accessibility of the domain name and the fault tolerance of name services will be improved.