Homepage Machine Anni - the easiest way to order a website!

You only deliver the material and we will make the homepage in a maximum of two weeks.We use WordPress and the Elementor editor on the pages, which allows you to update the pages yourself or give the updating work to anyone who is used to using them. Your page is located on reliable domestic Domain247 servers.The price list is clear:
  • 1 page €150
  • 3 pages €350
Ask for more anninkotisivukone@domain247.fi

Delivery time maximum 14 days!

Prices from 150 €

You deliver the content, we prepare the page

In the future you can update the page yourself without coding knowledge

Order the homepage like this:

Our references


The supplier of innovative, high-quality and user-friendly solutions for the promotion of well-being ordered a one-page website.

E-full - full suspension bike

We made a one-page introduction page for the full suspension bike. The site is easy to expand as needed.

VMH Autohuolto Oy

The auto repair shop in Jyväskylä needed a simple website where the customer can see the services and contact information quickly.


The light board manufacturer from Lempäälä wanted to transfer the homepage to our secure servers, and at the same time we produced the pages with WordPress. Ask for an offer!

Material to be delivered

Images and logo


Supply the images and your company logo (not necessary) in jpg, png or pdf format. Minimum pixel width 2000 px. We process the images to make them suitable for the site. Give clear instructions on where to use which image. We will ask more if necessary and give instructions for the delivery of the pictures.



Write such a text that the customer understands what you are selling and he understands the benefits of the product or service. You can submit the text as a Word form or directly by e-mail.

Company colours


If your company has specific brand colors, please send them to us, e.g. as # or rgb colors. If necessary, also give us instructions on where you want to use which color. If your company doesn’t have colors, you can choose, for example, a suitable one from these four color schemes.

Deliver the material all at the same time to anninkotisivukone@domain247.fi