Get yourself or your company an email with your own domain. We offer three different options for that.


Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

Business level Exchange/Outlook e-mail with your own domain name, 50 GB disk space and spam and virus protection.

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Google Workspace

Secure Gmail for business use with its own domain, no ads and many additional features.

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Web hotel


E-mail service with your own domain name in your web hotel. Disk space for e-mails is used according to the selected web host.

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How can I choose the email that suits me?

Choosing a suitable e-mail service depends on both the need for use and the budget.

If you need several e-mail accounts, the cheapest option is a web host, where the price is determined by the level of the web host and not by the number of e-mail accounts. If you only need one e-mail box or if you need a lot of disk space for e-mails, the most suitable choice is probably the Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace service. In both Microsoft and Google services, each e-mail user needs his own paid license.

If you also need office or team tools in addition to e-mail, then of course either Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace is the right choice.

Web hosting you can use only for your e-mails or host your homepage there as well. Alternatively, you can get a web host for the homepage, but use the Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace service for e-mails.

Why get your own email address?

An e-mail address linked to your own domain or domain name tells about the credibility and reliability of the company

You stand out from the crowd with your own e-mail address, for example

How to get your own e-mail address?

You must first have your own domain or domain name applied for. If you don’t have one yet, you can obtain it easily from us.

After that, choose the one that suits you best from the three email services we offer .

Frequently asked Questions

In Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace services, each email user needs his own license. If 3 employees of the company need an e-mail account, a license is required for each of them (e.g. 3 x Microsoft 365 Business Basic).

The number of users in the web hosting service is not limited and e-mail accounts can be added without limit. E-mail accounts (such as sent/received messages) use the web hosting’s disk space, which, for example, is 2 GB in the Starter web hosting. If the web host’s disk space starts to fill up, the web host must be upgraded to a larger level so that the e-mail service can function.

For the e-mail service, you also always need your own domain, for which an annual fee is charged for registration/renewal.

Free e-mail services do not allow the use of your own domain name. You can connect another email account to the free Gmail account and use Gmail to receive and send messages, but even then you need, for example, a web host to which the email accounts of your own domain are first added. In the free version of Gmail, ads are also displayed that are not in the business version.

The disk space can also be very limited in the free service.

In all our e-mail services, the e-mail account can be used jointly by different users.

You can add an e-mail account to the web hotel, which several users can access with the same ID and password.

In the Microsoft 365 service, you can add a free shared a mailbox to which access is added for the desired users. All users must also have their own license. Alternatively, an email account can be added and used with the same credentials. However, this is not a recommended option, unless two-step authentication can be jointly used, e.g. with a password application.

You can add a paid mailbox to the Google Workspace service, to which the desired users can have access. It is also possible to use the added Google group as a shared mailbox for free with the Collaborative Inbox setting, but this does not fully correspond to a shared email account.

All e-mail services can be used in different ways.

You can use all our e-mail services with a browser. You can use the web hotel’s e-mail with the Roundcube webmail application. You can learn more about Roundcube here. The browser version of Outlook is used in Microsoft 365 and the business version of Gmail in Google Workspace.

Outlook has a desktop application that can be installed on a computer. The application is paid for and included in Business Standard/Premium licenses.

E-mail accounts of different services can be installed in e-mail applications that support them. The web hotel’s e-mail service uses the IMAP/POP protocol and it works in practically all applications. A Microsoft 365 email account can be installed in applications that support an Exchange account or modern authentication. Google’s Gmail email account can be installed in applications that support it.

Outlook and Gmail can also be downloaded as a mobile application from the phone/tablet app store.

All e-mail services are basically secure. The most important thing is to make sure that the password is complex enough and the user knows how to recognize scam and phishing messages.

The web hotel’s email service (Roundcube) does not currently support two-step authentication. In Microsoft email, two-step authentication is always enabled by default. Likewise, the use of two-step authentication is recommended in Google’s e-mail.

The services of Microsoft and Google are also at a higher level than the web hotel’s e-mail in terms of other information security features. Additional features, also in terms of data security, are available with more expensive licenses.