Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a cloud-based solution for companies to work more efficiently regardless of time and place. It contains everything you and your team need in your work.

In the service, you get access to business-level e-mail and calendar functions, always up-to-date office applications, advanced team tools, cloud storage, and business-level data security.

Google workspace

Google Workspace solutions

Business packages provide a solution for both basic use and more demanding needs. You can flexibly change the number of licenses as needed. All packages include e.g. email, office applications and Drive cloud storage. Choose the most suitable solution for your company below.

Google Workspace Business Starter

75 /month
  • Basic package for business use
  • E-mail and calendars
  • Cloud-based office and team tools
  • 30 GB storage per user
  • 100 member video conferences
  • Security and management features

Google Workspace Business Standard

50 /month
  • Additional space and other features
  • E-mail and calendars
  • Cloud based office tools
  • 2 TB of storage per user
  • 150 member video conferences
  • Security and management features

Google Workspace Business Plus

25 /month
  • For more demanding business use
  • Email and calendars as well as e-Discovery and storage features
  • Cloud based office tools
  • 5 TB of storage per user
  • 500 member video conferences
  • More effective information security and management features, such as Vault and extensive management of terminal devices

Prices stated per user/month and valid for a 12-month billing period. VAT 24% is added to the prices.

google workspace

Main applications and tools

Email and calendar functions


Business-level Gmail e-mail with your own domain name, large disk space, and spam and virus protection. A shared calendar makes it easier to arrange meetings.

Office applications


All packages include Google’s cloud-based applications such as Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms. The applications offer the same functions as Microsoft’s traditional Office applications.

Drive cloud storage


User-specific or intra-company shared storage for secure file storage and sharing. In the cloud, the information is always available on any device.

Tools for teamwork


Meet and Chat applications allow you to manage your company’s internal communication and teamwork and organize meetings with your partners as well. More advanced sharing of tools and documents.

Frequently asked Questions

All Business packages include e-mail, applications and cloud storage. Standard and Plus packages provide users with additional disk space and additional features as needed by your company. The package can later be changed to a bigger one, so you can also get started with the Starter package.

You can compare the contents of the packages in more detail on Google’s page.

You need a domain name for the service. If you already own a domain name, you can transfer the domain name to our maintenance when ordering. You can register a new domain name in our service here.

You need a web hotel for other hosting services such as company websites. For web hosting, however, you do not need disk space for e-mails if you enable the e-mail service in the Google Workspace service. If your website is elsewhere, you can order Domainpark from us instead of web hosting for DNS controls.

When you order a service from a domestic operator, you do not need a credit card for the order, instead we will invoice your company with an online invoice or email. We take care of the commissioning of the service for you and offer support matters in English or Finnish. When you centralize your services (domain name, e-mail service, homepage service) with us, their management becomes easier.

Yes you can. Contact us and we will transfer your service to us. In connection with the transfer, the service and e-mails will not be interrupted.

First, choose the service package that suits your company and place an order. We take care of setting up the service (e.g. connecting the domain name and adding users) without a set-up fee. If agreed separately, we will also transfer emails from your previous service.

If you already have a valid Google Workspace subscription, you can also transfer your subscription to us. Inform about this when ordering.

Google Workspace does not include applications that can be installed on a computer for e.g. word processing or spreadsheets. The service’s applications are mainly used with a browser program, Google’s Chrome is naturally best supported for offline use as well. No more apps to install and update!

Mobile versions of the apps can be downloaded for phones and tablets. A desktop application can also be downloaded from Drive.

Google Workspace offers several business-level additional services that are not included in Google’s free consumer applications. These include e.g. use of your own domain for your email address (@mycompany), additional storage space and more versatile features for teamwork and information security.

Yes. Various Offline features have been developed for the service, which also enables use (e.g. Gmail, Docs, Drive) without an internet connection.

There is no single answer to this. Both services offer similar functions and the services are constantly developing.

It is mostly about which service you are used to and which one you want to use in the future. Desktop applications are available in Microsoft 365, while Workspace works completely cloud-based. Workspace, on the other hand, offers e.g. better opportunities for teamwork. What is most important to you?